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About us

Khussa- one of the most beloved footwear of the South-East Asian region has existed in the rural areas since thousands of years ago. Initially, the people of China commonly wore Khussa-style shoes made out of wood. They were altered to a leather base as per the environmental requirements of the subcontinent.

However, the explosive popularity of Khussa started in the Mughal Empire when the Emperor Jahangir fell in love with them. An exquisite version of the Khussa took the empire like wildfire and is known as Saleem Shahi until date. Adorned with jewels, gold and copper wires Khussa’s quickly became the shoe for all noblemen in the Mughal Empire. Since the Emperor himself preferred Khussa’s with pointy tops, those of the finest quality had the pointiest tips along with hand-woven embroidery and jewels on top.

In the age of machine-made products, Khussa’s stand out amongst other shoes because of the fact that they are crafted entirely by hands. From molding the leather into the right shape to embroidering the whole shoe, Khussa-makers spend hours to sew together a single pair. Despite being made from hands, the shoes have a perfect finishing and a neat outlook. No one can put down a Khussa in terms of quality in comparison to any other machine-made shoe.

Till date, Khussa’s are considered a very fashionable footwear. Over the centuries, they have been adapted, redesigned, and molded according to the likeness and tastes of the ever-changing society. Both men and women enjoy wearing Khussas of different colors and shapes. In the subcontinent, Khussas are a representation and amalgam of trend, style, and tradition.

The base of most Khussas is made of leather. However today, a wide range of fabrics such as Velvet, Silk, Jamawar, and Cotton are used to design the Khussa as well. Depending upon the occasion on which the Khussa is supposed to be worn, it can be decorated with gems, stones, gold wires, silver wires, and even copper wires. Or they can be entirely simple with no decoration on their tips.

The most common difference between the Khussas for men and women lies on the fact that the men’s Khussa have a pointy tip at the top. On the other hand, the Khussas for women tend to have a more flat and round shape at the tip of the shoe. But, there are no gender-restrictions and people can choose the desired Khussa style as per their taste and fashion sense.

From wedding events to casual office wear, you can style and wear Khussas with any outfit that you choose. Khussas are an evergreen shoe-style, which never go out of fashion.