14 khussa that will light up any event: Khussa and trends in 2021-22 News
multiple khussa that will light up any event: Khussa and trends
Khussa shoes are not just any footwear. In fact, they hold a rich cultural heritage. It is well mentioned in the golden pages of history. Undoubtedly, khussa are never out of trend. We can be the star of any event as long as we pair up the right khussa with outfit.
Let's explore different khussa and style it in 2021-22!

1-Traditional Khussa

best traditional khussa on culture day

The ultimate fashion footwear Pair up the traditional khussa with your formals for remarkable results. This combination will enhance your personality uniquely. And will give you an effortlessly graceful and astounding look. Traditional Khussa knows no boundaries when it comes to fashion. This khussa can be used at any occasion without any hesitation. Do you have a party in the office or any patriotic event? Or is there any family function or your close friend's marriage? Do not think twice before stepping into universal favorite footwear. Pair them up with barn red pants and white shirt with the stone jewelry. Ah, this combination will leave your fashion competitors open mouthed! You can also opt for the solid maxi dress layered with the heavy dupatta of strong color and enhance your look with the traditional khussa. The fact is anything can go well with traditional khussa! Indeed, they keep your shine and style over the aisle!

2-Twist of Tangy Orange Khussa

simple and tangy orange khussa
Add the sublime freshness to your look by adorning the regular orange khussa. This khussa will make you stand out because of its reflecting texture and design. Orange adds to the liveliness and can make any dull outfit gleam with radiance. There are many ways one can utilize the tang of orange. And definitely the most effortless way is wearing the regular orange khussa. Aftercall, who doesn't want a tang of orange on their special events? This twist of tangy orange paired with subtle palazzo will evidently make the town go awe! And let's imagine the look of high pants paired with the kurta with this footwear. Ooh! Isn't it too graceful? Orange khussa can go well with kaftan too, giving you the all fresh look for any event or gathering. Let your feet speak the language of fashion as you match the regular orange khussa with the pants, palazzo, and
kaftan to rock the distinct look!

3-The fire of Fierce Red Khussa

fire of fierce Red Khussa
Can there be anything more fierce than the red? Well the answer is luxury red khussa! Just imagine the red khussa embellished with the Zari work. Oooh! That's too hot to handle and so is the luxury red khussa. It's blazing style and outrageous hotness can melt away the set fashion standard. Let your red khussa set a new trend and let society follow you! Luxury Red khussa is
no ordinary thing. And when essentially paired with Saree, this outfit will definitely set the stage on fire! The heavy Zari work is the epitome of beauty that makes your attire a stand out status. Another way to adorn this beautiful footwear is by pairing it up with the red gown with golden accessories. Doesn't it sound all wedding-y? If yes, then this bridal outfit is sure to steal the show on the big day for any bride! Don't forget to say yes to this luxury red khussa for your special event!

4-The Mush of Mustard Khussa

beautiful mustard khussa
Let your inner Punjabi kuri out by dawning on the regular Mustard khussa. Specially designed to give you the feel, this khussa will make everyone go ga-ga over your shalwar, kameez, and chunni! The Mustard khussa is designed to go well with your everyday look as well as the social gatherings that demand more radiance and less glamor. If you cannot figure out anything for the
haldi night, then wear the Mustard khussa with hot colors like pink, green, or yellow color suits. Accessorize it with a soft flower necklace and earrings to make the most of the haldi look. The Mustard khussa will also give the balanced subtleness to the heavy multi colored dress. The choice is yours after you wear the Mustard khussa. Because this khussa will make everything better for you. The delicate work on this footwear enriches your style and saves you from the
disaster of over-do.

5. The Greens for the Feels

feels the green with green khussa on independence day special
Wear the regular khussa by styling it with white and let your patriotism ooze out of your outfit. Beside being the color of the nation, green has the quality to add charm to almost anything. And so does the amazing green khussa! Green is in fashion and it can be paired with any color. You think of a color and add it with green. Boom! You have a haute fashion combination. The returning fashion of velvet is becoming a trend again. And what can be the better option on velvet than green? Pair the green velvet dress that's bordered with golden gota with the regular green khussa. This combination will make you the eve of the evening. The leheriya green maxi dress paired with green khussa is another combination that creates high fashion status. And let's not forget the chartreuse green gharara, dioptase jewelry, and green khussa are the attire to die for!

6-Luxury Olive Khussa with Sharara

olive khussa looks pretty with every dress
Style your leheriya lehenga with Olive Khussa on your big day. This amazing combination has the right amount of glitter, glaze, and grace to make you shine brighter than the stars. Be a trendsetter and let the world know your choice. Olive can be your color when you choose the luxury Olive khussa. This fresh and energetic color represents lots of power and fashion at the same time. The combination of blue and olive is just too cool to imagine! Just imagine the olive short kurta over a dark turquoise blue sharara. And to add on is the chiffon tie-dye dupatta with some beads. It's the luxury Olive khussa that will complete this mystic look Wow! All we can do is gasp at this combination, right? And if you find it too light, add the tint of crimson red with olive and let these contrasting colors give you a balanced and ravishing look.

7-The Bewildering Black Khussa

black khussa with tremendous zari work
Black has the magic to turn any boring outfit into an elegant dress. And that's what black khussa will do for you! Just pair your black khussa with the maxi dresses, shararas, ghararas, and suits. Just anything because all eyes will be eventually on your feet. It's no hidden fact that black absorbs lots of attraction around it. Just imagine what a luxury black khussa can do! Pair the black khussa with the always stylish amber color. This color combination can work in almost every way. You can opt for a black gown that's embellished with golden beads and pair this attire with luxury black khussa for any party or wedding. Another great combination is the black culottes paired with a short golden sequin top, paired with black khussa. Just imagining this combination gives a party feel! So what are you waiting for? Dress up and let the party begin.

8-Beat the blues with Blue Khussa

fancy blue khussa beats all the blues
The Blue Khussa is a must have in every wardrobe. The extra stylish, elegant and intricately designed Blue khussa will go excellent with any outfit. Pair them up with pants, palazzo, ankle length jeans, or skirt to add charm to your personality. No doubt, blue is the universal color. It looks good with yellow, green, pink, red, black, and so on! And so is the regular blue khussa. Its
specialty is that it does not require some traditional wear to go with. You can wear it with jeans and this fusion of ethnic and mode wears can take you places! The bell bottom jeans are the new in fashion trend and guess what they can go with? The regular blue khussa! You don't have to worry about footwear anymore. Let the boho chic come out from within and enjoy the comfort
and style of this blue khussa with adorable long tops. Indeed, having blue khussa in your wardrobe means having everything. Kick your everyday tension by owning regular blue khussa!

9-The Multi-purpose Multi Khussa

traditional multi color khussa wear easily on multiple events as well

The amazing Multi khussa is specially designed for events where you muddle for hours but couldn't decide! Choose hot or soft colors, select the mix and match, or contrast. Multi khussa will go with everything, even when paired with accessories. You have a white dress that's too dull to wear? Take that dull dress out today and pair it up with the Multi Khussa! It is like a magic potion that adds charm to any dress. You can add up a multicolored scarf to compliment your attire. Twirl up in the Anarkali that's bordered with shimmers and shines. The traditional Multi khussa will elevate the trait of your beautiful dress. This khussa is a must have footwear for any bride. Just imagine the tons of suits and dresses that you buy for your big day. And with this khussa in your list, you won't have to care for your footwear!

10-Mehndi Khussa for Mehndi Nights

regular mehndi khussa for mehndi night
Mehndi nights are the fun nights that we always look forward to! Complete your mehndi night look with the Mehndi khussa that can be paired with any pastel colors. It is sure to give you the vibe of the occasion along with fashion. opt for the high ghararas with minimal jewelry. Of course, your Mehndi khussa will be the showstopper for you! If you wish to mix and match your attire, choose mehndi and plum to bring out a fresh look. This not so common combination
will make you stand out of the crowd. Go for a plum skirt with scattered gota work. And pair it with the mehndi boat neck top with gold jewelry. Also, let your feet enjoy the comfort of the mehndi khussa! Be photo ready with this attire and set this color trend all over the social media! Make mehndi night more fashionable with your mehndi khussa.

11-Yellow khussa for all the mellow

simple yellow khussa for mehndi wear in wedding
Yellow and mellow go hand in hand because yellow is a happy color. This happy color is the color of the sun. It represents a lot of energy, vibrancy, and warmth. Wear your yellow khussa and tap the floor happily. Let the world know you are happy as you radiate with joy. Traditionally, yellow is remarked as the color of summer. The sun, pineapple, beach, and the mangoes tell about the supremacy of yellow in summers. But nowadays yellow can be used to raise the heat in winters too. Wear the black pullover with the balloon leaves and black culottes.
Accessorize them with the chunky chain. And add the tint of vibrancy by wearing the yellow khussa. Add up the glam by using a knot headband to complete your look. The best thing about yellow khussa is that it can go with both light and dark colors. You can pair them with whites and blues too and enjoy your beach vacations!

12-Fancy black for the Fancy party

tremendous fancy black khussa
Black can be worn at any occasion. You can opt for it while going out for a pizza or when you are planning your own reception. It's the latter that requires the more fancy look and detail. And what can ever go better with it than the fancy black khussa. The intricate designs and patterns can woo anyone who lays an eye on it. If you have any heavily embellished dress in your wardrobe then this footwear is the right choice to match. The fancy black khussa is for occasions that require the best of you. It is for the events in which you want to stand divinely out of the crowd. Think about the black velvet dress with Zari work on it. And paired with it is the fancy black khussa with Zari work that compliment your outfit. This combination is never going out of your head unless you get this for yourself!

13-Traditional Orange for the Triumph

traditional orange khussa for stylish girls
Wear the traditional orange khussa if you want the perfect balance of traditional and mod footwear. The amazing zari work is like a cherry on the top. The traditional orange khussa holds the top place in your wardrobe. Not just because it's party wear or it is extremely comfortable, but for its color too. The specialty of this khussa is its versatility. One can wear it to a casual party by pairing it up with pants and skirts. Imagine a pleated skirt with golden beads or sequins and the plain buff top. You can style it with the accessories of your choice. But it's the footwear that will steal the spotlight. This ready to go attire will increase your elegance and style. Traditional Orange khussa can be your ultimate wedding wear. The idea of an orange and pink heavy work Patiala suit can rock your wedding fashion. It's the traditional orange khussa that will add the real charm to it.

14-Luxury blue for crisp bloomingsimple blue khussa

The luxury blue khussa is enriched with electric blue. The highlights of pink make it more attractive and luxurious. The always loved blend of these colors makes the luxury blue khussa high in demand. The beautiful Zari work and beads adds on to its beauty. It can be paired up with every hot color to bring out amazing results. Pair this luxury blue khussa with round border short kurta and Patiala salwar. Add on the cut sleeves jacket decorated with multicolored
handwork. This outfit will rock any day outing for you. You can wear this perfect attire on a picnic and be the best dressed among the group. Luxury blue khussa will also go well in following the trend. The tie-dye fashion is back and indeed, blue and pink are one of the best combinations to try on! Tie-dye your boring white maxi dress into blue and pink. You can keep the sleeves in blue color to enhance the beauty of your dress. Add on the luxury blue khussa
and you are free to roam the entire city in style
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